26 september 2015

Guests: Arvid Holmberg & Ho'ola'i Tjorvatjoglou

Belongs to: Tobias
Relationship: Me and Arvid are old friends, Ho’ola’I is his girlfriend

Alright, so I’ll try to do is in English. Because even if Arvid is born and raised in Knivsta (or, technically, just outside of it) he has spent so long abroad that he’ll probably do a Robert Prytz on you and claim he’s forgotten all his Swedish. Anyway, since Ho’ola’i is American and really doesn’t speak Swedish I suppose it’s only fair anyway. Arvid is one of my more unpredictable friends but not in terms of our friendship, that has never been in doubt, more in terms of his whereabouts. You see, at any given point in time you are never quite sure where Arvid is on this earth. He might be where you last heard of him two years ago, he could have decided to go backpacking in South America or he could have moved to some secluded place and opened a cafe (that last part has actually never happened.. yet). Or he is just as likely to be knocking on your door with a six pack of beers looking for a place to hang out for the evening. You never know. The last few years though, the safest bet to find him has been in Hawaii where he finished his studies a couple of years ago and now works in engineering. Or so we’re led to believe, anyway. One who might be able to shed some light on the mystery that is Arvid is his girlfriend Ho’ola’i who me and Sussie are very much looking forward to meeting for the first time at the wedding.

Ask Arvid and Ho’ola’i about: if Hawaii really is all that great, why Arvid missed the bus that time in Salta (Argentina), Arvids wonder goal from inside his own half for KIK P83, Ho’ola’i’s  AMAZING name (yes, I made it this far without bringing it up. Pretty proud, actually.)

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