16 september 2015

Guests: Antoinette and Gavin Faulds

Belong to: Sussie to begin with
Relationship: Friends from across the globe via Gunnar

I met Gavin on a Finland cruise back in 2009. Somewhere around 7 am after a hard night's drinking I got invited to a safari trip in Southern Africa. And who in their right mind would turn that down?! I ended up on the trip of a lifetime together with Gavin and Annie, including shark diving, white water rafting, camping, horseback safari and seeing 8 of the Big 9 in three weeks. I went back to magical Africa in 2013 with Tobbe.
Gavin is a world traveler and a truly loyal and generous friend, and although he loves the fine things in life (we've been to some nice places over the years) he'll rather settle for a beer and a sandwich as long as he gets to hang out with friends.
Apart from being the world's leading organizer of everything, Annie is a master photographer and she has really good "bush eyes" (took me a while to figure out what that was, especially since I thought they kept saying "bush ass"). She is also the one who introduced Jello Shots to my old Östermalm apartment with great success.
Besides the safari trips that we seem to manage every three years, we see Gavin once a year somewhere in Europe. In January. So far we have discovered a rainy Dublin, a rainy Edinburgh and a rainy Budapest. Europe in January is awesome.

Ask Gavin about: how many languages he knows, Swedish dirty words, the definition of an eeeeeasy road and why he keeps coming to Europe in January.
Ask Annie about: Photography, the furry babies back home, how to get a car into Zimbabwe and if she can rap for you.

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